About Our Concrete

Quality Concrete: 

We only use a 6-bag mix, 4000 psi, low chert stone, air entrainment and concrete with a low water to cement ratio.  We use Dodge Concrete Inc.  exclusively as our redi-mix supplier.

Good sub-base: 

We evaluate the sub-base carefully and proceed based on what material we discover.  Normally we provide a 4"-6" base of compacted new limestone gravel.  When it is needed, we will also use a stabilization fabric to aid in achieving not only the best but also the most cost effective sub-base for your new concrete.

Properly placed crack control joints:  

We install all control joints by sawing or tooling in a 10' x 10' control joint pattern or smaller.  Keeping the joint spacing small is very important to control random cracking that may occur outside of our intended joint grid.


We use a high quality cure 'n seal on all our  flatwork.  This important step will better protect your investment.


We use steel rebar for all of our exterior flatwork. 3/8" and or 1/2" rebar are needed to combat the powerful forces of frost heaving and structural loading. Synthetic fibermesh reinforcement can also be added, but is a secondary reinforcement and no substitute for steel. Sadly, many driveways and other exterior slabs today are poured with fibermesh only. This is completely inadequate for concrete subjected to harsh winters. It underscores the importance of obtaining multiple estimates and asking questions.  

Interesting Concrete Facts

  1. The recipe for modern concrete was invented by the Roman Empire around 50 A.D. The formula was lost when the Roman Empire fell in 467 A.D. and was not rediscovered until 1500 years later, in 1824.

  2. Stone, sand, cement powder and water. Concrete is a simple material, so what could be so complicated? The chemical reaction that occurs when water is added to cement powder, called hydration, is so little understood that it’s thought that science has only discovered about 10% of what is actually happening during hydration.

  3. There is enough concrete in the Hoover Dam to pave a two lane highway from Seattle to Miami.

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